About Us

Jobayer Academy is one of the leading online-based educational institutions in Bangladesh. SEO training in Bangladesh is the main focus of this institute. The specialty of this training center is Live Class through Zoom. Jobayer Academy believes that live class is more beneficial than record classes. So they started SEO live class by thinking about students.


Jobayer Academy was established on 20th January 2017. The founder of this organization is Jobayer Rahman. He is one of the best SEO experts in Bangladesh. He started his career at Jobayer Academy with more than 10 years of experience in the SEO field. Initially, SEO tutorials were published on the YouTube channel. Later, due to the huge response online, Jobayer Academy established its institute.


Job opportunities are not increasing with the growth of a huge population. So one class of people looking for a job day and night. Some are leaning towards online-based jobs especially freelancing. For those people, Jobayer Academy has introduced various types of courses on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These courses are able to show a person the right way and ensure online earning. Poverty and unemployment-free Bangladesh making is the only goal and purpose of Jobayer Academy.


At present, it has a branch office at Le Meridien Dhaka, 2nd Floor, Nikunja-02, Khilkhet Dhaka 1229. But basically, it is an online-based organization. However, there are plans to expand its branches across Bangladesh in the future.


  • Premium SEO Course.
  • Free SEO Course.
  • Advanced Competitor Analysis.
  • Advanced Keyword Research.
  • Advanced Link Building.
  • Local SEO.


Jobayer Academy takes special care of each student up to success. After completing the SEO training, a student gets a complete guideline on how to rank a website. Which plays a very important role in building a student’s career.

Boost Website Traffic with SEO

If you have a website then you can easily boost your website traffic through SEO. In a word, SEO is the best way to drive traffic at a low cost. With time you can easily learn SEO from a good organization. OnPage Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, and Technical SEO will get the perfection of your SEO learning. You can also boost your site traffic by hiring an SEO expert. Jobayer Academy has been working on this issue for a long time. You can contact Jobayer Rahman.

Is It Possible To Grow Your Online Business From Us?

In a short word, we can say “YES”. Jobayer Academy has been working with SEO for a long time. In addition to giving client support in the country, also they are giving support to foreign clients with a reputation. Jobayer Academy has therefore gained recognition as a leading SEO service provider company in Bangladesh.

If you want to start your own online business, please contact Jobayer Academy today. A team under the supervision of Jobayer Rahman will review your business and collaborate with the right advice to improve your online business. Proper guidelines are very important to growing a business.

There are many factors behind growing an online business. Most of the time business falls in our lack of proper decisions. Jobayer Academy will basically give you the right advice to make the right decision at the right time.


You can contact us from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. through different routes:

Telephone: +8801716461953
Email: [email protected]