Web Hosting In Bangladesh

We are all more or less familiar with web hosting in Bangladesh. There are many web hosting companies in Bangladesh. Among them, it is challenging to find the best hosting service provider. Because every hosting companies try to offer their best hosting services to the customer. From our point of view, all hosting companies in Bangladesh are the best. But it would be best if you chose them as per your requirements. If you are confused to choose your best web hosting, then this article is for you. At first, we are going to offer you our web hosting. You will get a clear idea of why we are offering you our web hosting.

Web Hosting in Bangladesh By Jobayer Academy

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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a space where a website is hosted so that anyone can see it on the Internet. When you register with a hosting service, you rent a space on a server where you can store all the files and data necessary for your website to function correctly.

A server is a physical computer that works constantly so that your website is available all the time to anyone who wants to see it. Your hosting provider is responsible for keeping the server running, protecting it from malicious attacks, and transferring your content (text, images, files) from the server to your visitors’ browsers.

How does web hosting work?

When you agree to build a new website, you have to find a hosting company that will provide you space on a server. Your hosting provider stores files, media, and databases on the server. Every time somebody types your domain name in the address bar of their browser, your server handovers all the required files to fulfill the demand.

You must choose the hosting plan that best suits your needs and buy it. Web hosting works similarly to home rentals; you have to pay the rent regularly to keep the server running continuously.

To reduce risks, you can get started with our cheap LiteSpeed Enterprise Server plan that we specifically designed for smaller projects. When your website grows, and you need more server space, you can switch to one of our more advanced plans without delay.

You don’t even need to have any programming knowledge to perform everyday website administration tasks. Hosting accounts come with a graphical user interface where you can control all aspects of your website. E.g., you can upload HTML and other files to the server, install content controlling systems like WordPress, access your database, and create backup copies for your website.

Although the cPanel hosting platform used by most web servers is a powerful tool, it can be somewhat intimidating for users without technical knowledge who just want to get a site up and running rapidly. Therefore, our team decided to build a custom control panel for our users. We can proudly say that the Jobayer Academy control panel has an attractive and intuitive user interface that you will understand immediately, even if it is the first time that you interact with web hosting. Our clients already love it, as it helps them manage all aspects of their hosting account with confidence and ease.

In addition to providing server space for your website, hosting providers may also offer other services related to website administration, such as:

  • SSL certificates
  • Email
  • Website creators
  • Developer tools
  • Customer service (usually with live chat)
  • Automatic website backups
  • One-click software installations (for example, for WordPress or Drupal)

Types Of Web Hosting In Bangladesh

Most hosting providers offer different types of web hosting to meet the needs of different clients. The most common types of hosting are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Hosting with a dedicated server
  • Elastic hosting or elastic sites

The bigger your website, the more server space you will need. It is greatest to start small, with a shared hosting plan, and when your site grows, move to a more advanced type of hosting.

Hosting providers generally offer more than one hosting plan for each type of hosting. For example, here at Hostinger, our shared hosting service comes with three different hosting plans.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting or hosting is the most common type of web hosting and is an excellent solution for most small businesses and blogs. When you hear the word “web hosting,” it generally refers to shared hosting. With shared hosting, you share a server with other customers of your hosting service provider. Websites hosted on the same server share all of its resources, such as memory, computing power, disk space, and more.

Advantages of shared hosting

It is inexpensive than the rest of the hosting because of its share expenses and maintenance of the server.

It is the hosting provider that is responsible for management and maintenance.

Advanced technical knowledge is not necessary to control your hosting, and you can do it from the control panel (usually cPanel ).

You can upgrade to more powerful hosting packages if your website needs more resources.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

Shared resources usually slow down your website if they are not managed well (when resources are lacking, when they are shared among many hosting companies, etc.).

It generally has fewer resources available than other, more powerful types of hosting.

If any hosting face a technical problem, it may affect the rest of the hosting.

A website that has many visits can unexpectedly slow down the server and, therefore, the rest of the hosting that is hosted on it.

VPS Hosting

With VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, you still share a server with other users. However, the provider assigns you a separate partition on the server. It means that you get dedicated server space and a reserved amount of computing power and memory. VPS hosting may be ideal for midsize companies with rapidly growing websites.

Advantages of VPS hosting

It is inexpensive than the dedicated server because the costs and maintenance of the physical servers are shared.

It has more resources than shared hosting, and it is not shared with another hosting.

If it is “managed,” it is the hosting service provider is responsible for its management, and no advanced technical knowledge is required.

You can control your hosting if you want from the control panel (usually cPanel WHM, Plesk, or VestaCP ).

You can upgrade your hosting to more powerful private virtual servers if your website needs more resources.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting

It is more costly than shared hosting, and more if it is contracted “managed.”

It usually has fewer available resources than dedicated server hosting.

If it is “not managed,” it is the hosting client that is responsible for its management, and it is advisable to have some technical knowledge.

The VPS resources must be well configured and optimized to harness its potential truly.

Cloud Hosting

Hosting in the cloud or Cloud Hosting is currently the most reliable solution on the market since it has no downtime. With cloud hosting, your provider gives you a cluster of servers. Your files and resources are replicated on each server. When one of the cloud servers is busy or has a problem, your traffic is automatically routed to another server in the cluster.

Advantages of cloud hosting

Without a doubt, the most significant advantage is that it has unlimited resources and the most excellent possible power for any system or website.

It is the most gainful for web projects that need a lot of power because they only pay for what they consume at all times (unlike the dedicated server that you pay for whatever you consume).

It is the most reliable because it is correctly maintained even if there are problems with one of the “cloud” servers or if it needs more power at a very high consumption peak.

Whether or not they are “managed,” they tend to have much more personalized customer service.

You can manage your hosting in the cloud if you want from the control panel (usually cPanel WHM or Plesk).

Disadvantages of cloud hosting

For small/medium websites that need few resources, it may be the most costly type of hosting of all.

Although the hosting is “managed,” it is advisable to have sufficient technical knowledge to understand it well.

If it is “not managed,” it is vital to have the advanced technical knowledge to know how to manage it correctly.

The resources must be well configured and optimized to harness their potential, consuming what is necessary at all times.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a specific form of shared hosting, created for WordPress site owners. Your server is specifically configured for WordPress, and your site comes with pre-installed plugins for crucial things like caching and safety. Due to the extremely optimized configuration, your site loads much faster and works with fewer problems. WordPress hosting plans typically include additional WordPress-related features, such as predesigned WordPress templates, drag-and-drop page builders, and developer-specific tools.

Advantage Of WordPress Hosting

Low cost (often for the same price as standard shared hosting)

Suitable for beginners

One-click WordPress installation

Good performance for WordPress sites

Customer service team trained in WordPress issues

Pre-installed WordPress templates and plugins

Disadvantage Of WordPress Hosting

Recommended only for WordPress websites (this can be a problem if you want to host more than one website on your server and not all use WordPress)

Dedicated server

Dedicated server hosting means you have your dedicated physical server exclusively for your site. Therefore, dedicated hosting gives you incredible flexibility. You can configure your server as you want, choose the operating system and software you want to use, and configure the entire hosting environment according to your own needs.

Renting a dedicated server is as powerful as having your server on-site, but it also comes with professional support from your provider.

Advantages of dedicated hosting (dedicated server)

It has all the available resources of a physical server with all its power.

The hosting provider is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the server.

They tend to have a much more personalized customer service.

You can manage your hosting if you want from the control panel (usually cPanel WHM or Plesk ).

Disadvantages of dedicated hosting (dedicated server)

It is one of the most expensive types of hosting because the price includes the management of the entire physical server.

It is usually rare, but if it is the hosting client that is responsible for managing the server, it is vitally important to have advanced technical knowledge.

Server resources must be well configured and optimized to harness their potential truly.

It is more complicated to update your hosting with more resources because it would imply improving the physical server or changing to a more powerful one.

Elastic hosting or elastic sites

Perhaps it is one of the least known types of hosting, and yet it is one of the ones that best adjusts to the needs of those who use them. It could be said that it is an intermediate step between shared hosting and VPS hosting, being more potent than the first and cheaper than the second.

The concept is very related to that of the VPS in which each user of 1 hosting is assigned resources from the physical server (processors, RAM, hard disk, etc.). Still, here it is done by encapsulating them in what they call an independent virtualized environment (LVE), which does not become a virtual server at all.

In this way, each user will have a hosting as in the shared ones (the same control panel, etc.) but with the server resources already assigned in his LVE just for him, as in a VPS. This way, you have the advantages of VPS without having to manage it yourself or pay more for a managed one.

Advantages of elastic hosting

It is inexpensive than VPS hosting and much more than managed VPS because it is a shared hosting.

You have resources assigned only for your hosting, and that is not shared with the hosting of other users.

As in shared hosting, the provider is in charge of its management and maintenance.

Advanced technical knowledge is not necessary to manage your hosting, and you can do it from the control panel (usually cPanel ).

You can upgrade to more powerful hosting packages if your website needs more resources.

Disadvantages of elastic hosting

It is usually more expensive than shared hosting because resources are not shared here.

It is not suggested for more “special” websites that need more specific modules or features that standard hosting does not bring.

It does not have the “personal” administration that a “managed” VPS may have, for example.

Difference between hosting and domain

In addition to registering for a hosting web service, you also need to buy a domain. What is the difference? Although web hosting allows you to rent server space for your site, the domain is the address of your website; for example, our domain name is jobayeracademy.com. When users want to visit your site, they will write the domain name in the address bar of their browser, and your server will transfer the requested content.

With most hosting providers, you have to buy your domain name separately. Or, if you already have a domain, you can also transfer it to your current hosting provider. Similar to hosting plans, you have to pay for your domain annually to maintain ownership of it.

What hosting to choose?

Well, it will sound straightforward, but many times the simple answer is the best: choose the hosting you need.

Even the same hosting provider can offer you different types of hosting (shared, dedicated, VPS, etc.) and different hosting packages or options with more or less GBs of space, more or less GBs of transfer, more or fewer CPUs, etc.

Our advice is that you only hire what you need for your website, no more and no less:

If you are going to make a new web page as a hobby or do not think it will become “serious”, you can create it directly on sites like Blogger or WordPress.com, where they already give you free hosting.

If you are going to create a new website with the idea of ​​starting a personal or professional project, start with a basic hosting package. That way, you will not pay more if you are not going to have many visits at the beginning.

If you already have a website and it begins to be really “serious,” think of a standard hosting package that can grow your website and don’t fall short with a basic package.

If you have an online business or have a good number of visits, then it makes more sense for you to hire an advanced hosting package and even some type of more powerful hosting such as a VPS  (as in my case).

And if you have a robust online business or you have many visits, what I recommend is a VPS hosting, at least, and depending on your needs, think of something even more powerful.


Now, you know everything about web hosting in Bangladesh to start with a new website. In general, web hosting is the service you need if you want to have an internet presence. Having a website gives you incredible benefits by allowing you to reach millions of users around the world easily.

The right hosting provider allows you to serve your content without interruptions on the Internet, provide your visitors with an excellent user experience, and attract as many users as possible to your website.