SEO Training In Bangladesh

It is not our intention to be irresponsible by sharing recorded video tutorials like traditional paid or premium courses. We believe that all kinds of tutorials are available online, especially on Youtube. Anybody can watch and take SEO Training In Bangladesh free.

However, the main reason for a student not being successful is not getting the right support. We provide useful support to the students in the right way, along with the course. We teach the students every task by hand through live classes. So, a student can qualify to walk alone in the future. We aim to ensure 100% success of students through our courses.

At the end of the course, a student is given complete guidelines so that he can earn online. We ensure all support from the beginning to success through the live project.

Educational Qualifications Required

Educational qualifications are essential for doing premium courses at Jobayer Academy. The student must have the ability to read, understand, and write the English language.

If you do not have a minimum qualification in English, then understand that our SEO Training In Bangladesh is not for you because every step of SEO has the use of English. In this case, the solution will be, you have to have the ability of investment. Since your English skills are low, you need to hire a person who is proficient in English. Who will assist you in understanding English in each of your every step.

SEO Training Course Details

  • Total Class: 50+ Tutorial and 15+ Live Class.
  • Class Routine: 2-3 Days In A Week.
  • Free Support: Lifetime.
  • Telephone: +8801681905120
  • Email: [email protected]


Course Module of Our SEO Training

As the search engine algorithm updates regularly, our course modules below may also change.

Module 01: Basic SEO

  • Search engine optimization.
  • Algorithm.
  • Update ranking factor.
  • Tools and extensions.
  • Know about Website
  • Quality Backlink

Module 02: Niche Selection

  • Ways to find a profitable niche.
  • EAT and YMYL

Module 03: Keyword Research

  • Ways to find a profitable niche.
  • Quality Backlink
  • Advanced Keyword Research.
  • Way to Finalize keywords.
  • Website Planning and Silo.

Module 04: WordPress

  • Domain host Factors.
  • Basic WordPress training.
  • Site customization.
  • Basic logo design.

Module 05: On-page SEO

  • What is Onpage SEO and why it is important?
  • On-page SEO.
  • Silo structure.
  • Image optimization.

Module 06: Content

  • Article Structure
  • Article writing practice.
  • Buy native articles.
  • Publish the article.

Module 07: Technical SEO

  • Advanced Robert.txt training.
  • Sitemap.
  • Analytics.
  • Search Console.
  • Tricks to speed up your Site.

Module 08: Off-Page SEO

  • Advanced link building and marketing.
  • Link building planning.
  • Linkbuilding Stratigies.

Module 09: Digital Marketing

  • Email marketing.
  • Facebook marketing.
  • Pinterest Marketing.
  • YouTube Marketing.

Module 10: Make Money

  • Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing

Module 11: Industrial SEO

  • ECommerce SEO.
  • YouTube SEO.

Module 12: Advanced SEO

  • SEO audit and Checklist.
  • Case study.
  • Advanced Knowledge graph.
  • Schema markup.

Module 13: Local SEO

  • Local SEO Basics.
  • Client target.
  • Local Site Audit.
  • Planning
  • Google My Business.
  • Citation
  • Local Link Building

Module 14: Live Project

  • Project monitoring.
  • Lifetime support.

What do we mean by SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), more commonly known as SEO, is the set of techniques and processes that are used to make a site or web page more visible. The various sections and pages which will, therefore, benefit from this process may appear in the first search results offered by the various search engines.

SEO, for this reason, appears much more today as a strategy that all companies or structures are quick to adapt to benefit from a better presence on the web. These companies can then be more profitable and more sustainable.

Several things have changed regarding SEO this year. And taking training in this area like those offered by the Jobayer Academy can be very profitable.

What is SEO training in Bangladesh?

When you create a website, you are particularly interested in making it look excellent and convenient for visitors to navigate. However, for there to be visitors to your site, it must also be visible on the net.

Several methods allow you to connect to a website: by typing the address by links. But the most important thing is that search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo can offer your site when Internet user research.

The “SEO optimization” or “SEO” allows your site to be indexed for searches. It is, therefore, a question of optimizing your website for search engines.

And we know that every website creator wants to position his site on the first page, or even in the first place: this is the goal of SEO.

There are several SEO techniques, and this article would not be enough to describe them, but the important thing is to know that they can be classified into three different categories: White Hat, Gray Hat, and Black Hat.

SEO training will allow you to acquire techniques respecting the quality charters of search engines, which are the recommended and optimum techniques, helping you to increase your traffic and being the most recommended by search engines.

It is to help you in the choice of keywords for SEO to be optimal: working on tags and writing, understanding the action of robots and Sitemap, Netlinking techniques, or helping you create a blog.

SEO training will, therefore, allow you to understand how search engines work and provide you with good practices so that your site is positioned in the best way.

Importance of SEO Training In Bangladesh

From a general point of view, an SEO strategy acts on natural traffic, that is to say, traffic coming from natural and non-sponsored search engine results.

Usually, it’s the top three spots in these natural results that take the majority of traffic. Some studies even speak of nearly 90% of traffic generated on the first page, of which more than 60% exclusively on the first three results. If you find yourself at the bottom of the first page or a few pages further on one of the requests for your activity, you are only collecting a tiny portion of natural traffic. That is why SEO is essential.

Natural referencing allows you to properly position your pages on several keywords or expressions carrying targeted traffic, which is to say about your activity and what you offer. Internet users thus access your site via targeted requests that direct them to the content they want. That subsequently increases (by their satisfaction) your visits, sales, etc.

Besides, it should be noted that today positioning is not the only vital criterion to observe in SEO. Indeed, as we saw above, an SEO strategy improves the environment of a site, which means that your popularity component will also be optimized. You will thus benefit from direct traffic from search engines, but also from indirect traffic from networks / social media or even links that point to your site (backlinks).

Why take professional SEO training?

Most businesses today know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques improve the visibility of a website or web page in the natural results of a search engine. And with the growing importance of internet marketing, more and more businesses are starting to invest in improving their online presence. To do this, they need people with a good knowledge of SEO techniques called “SEO Optimization.”

Following professional SEO training by an experienced SEO trainer will allow you to acquire good SEO practices to ensure long-term SEO by avoiding penalties for corrupt practices.

Writing content with the right use of keywords and optimizing the structure of a website will propel it into the top positions on Google. This SEO training will improve your overall Internet marketing skills, where we will tackle subjects, such as Content Marketing, AB testing, Inbound Marketing, Call Tracking, Mouse Tracking and web analytics tools by demonstrating the importance SEO at all stages to capture Internet users interested in your products and services successfully.

Who is SEO training for?

The SEO training is adapted according to the profiles. It is aimed at marketers, website managers, developers, authors, small business owners, bloggers, and journalists who can all benefit from learning natural SEO techniques. Regardless of whether you want to promote your website online or be hired as an SEO analyst, getting proper SEO training is the best way to start.

Many people are unwilling to take SEO training because much of the information on SEO is freely available on the Internet. However, seeking professional SEO training has many advantages over learning from freely available online tutorials. In particular, the saving of time and the possibility of asking questions directly to the trainer while performing practical exercises on your website as is the case with our individual and personalized SEO training with a group of 1 to 5 people from the same company per session.

Unlike free SEO training videos and articles, SEO training by an SEO professional with well-positioned customers on Google provides a deeper understanding of SEO techniques for a website.

Advantages of professional SEO training

  • Professional SEO training provides up-to-date and factually correct information.
  • Professional SEO training also allows for one-on-one interactions with the trainer by asking your questions, which makes it easier to understand, especially when the practice is individual and personalized like ours.
  • Free SEO Tutorials can promote illegal or more up-to-date methods of website optimization, and Google may even de-index your website for using these illegal methods.
  • Professional SEO training will help you promote your online business using high-quality content and White Hat SEO techniques.
  • You will learn how to do an SEO audit of your competitors to understand their optimizations.

The benefits of professional SEO training

1) It’s cheaper than hiring an SEO consultant:

Many large companies find that doing SEO training for in-house employees is less expensive in the long run than hiring an outside SEO consultant. Entrepreneurs and individuals who earn a secondary income from internetwork will also save money and improve their earnings by learning SEO skills.

2) Improves internet marketing:

As mentioned earlier, the practical SEO skills of a professional allow you to develop a website’s visibility in search engine results in the short term and in the long run. These increases traffic to your website and improves your business. If a website doesn’t have high search positions for keywords relevant to its industry, its internet presence will be too low to generate contacts.

3) Stay in front of the competition:

As a professional blogger or business owner, you might think it’s not worth your time or money to take SEO training. However, without SEO knowledge, you will not be able to promote your business online effectively. Google users rarely go on the 2 nd page of Google results! And to make sure your site is in the top 10 results on relevant keywords, you need to learn how to use the right SEO techniques.

What SEO training should contain

Understanding SEO training is not enough because you should also be aware of what you will learn during the training. Generally, the content of the training depends mostly on the duration of the training and especially on the competence of the SEO trainer. But if you intend to enjoy a successful career in SEO, it’s best to choose an SEO training that offers most of the following topics.

a) Search engines and SEO tools

Understand how search engines work and their goals.
SEO tools for keyword research, audit, and analysis.

b) Keywords, rules, and practices

Learn to identify and choose the keywords that are searched online to gain qualified traffic.
The rules and places where to set up the keywords on your site (title, description, alt tag, content, URLs, density, internal links, copywriting, etc.).

c) Links – internal, incoming, outgoing

The construction of the inner mesh of connections of a website (the text anchors, the places where to include the links, the structure, and the architecture of the site, etc…).
The rules on outgoing links.
Building inbound links and the importance of quality sources.
The interest of social networks.

d) Domains, URLs, and site control

Domain name and pages, site accessibility, XML sitemap/sitemap, site size, file location, server response time and availability, dynamic URLs, redirects (301 and 302), duplicate content…

e) SEO strategy

Understand the SEO strategy to put in place.
The SEO Friendly content marketing method to boost your online presence.
Comprehensive professional SEO training emphasizes that assistants excel in the most strategic skills rather than providing them with incomplete information on all topics. Also, the most reputable SEO trainers focus on hands-on training by applying drills on the client’s website during the training.

Choosing the best SEO trainer

The only thing that makes any SEO training beneficial is the expertise of the trainer. An experienced SEO trainer who brings his inherent skills associated with SEO tools will bring you optimal results. The fact that we do SEO training with one company at a time is an indication of our level of dedication and commitment to making each person an expert in this field. Discover customer testimonials.

Investing in individual and personalized professional SEO training will give you the knowledge and understanding necessary to apply SEO effectively and sustainably to boost your online business and achieve your business goals.