SEO Training In Bangladesh | Basic to Advanced SEO LIVE CLASS

Jobayer Academy has been providing SEO training in Bangladesh for many years. Approximately more than 500 students have successfully completed learning from our institution. Among them, most of the students have successfully established their online careers by learning Search Engine Optimization. We feel that such success of the students is our great achievement.

Basically, we control international standards for training which is well-structured SEO training. Jobayer Academy’s premium course outline and training method are different from others. Our special feature is live classes as well as record classes on Search Engine Optimization. And we provide the proper guidelines to make them succeed.

Our concept is that any SEO tutorial can be found on YouTube. Students can learn very well from there if they get a live guideline. Thinking about these things, Jobayer Academy conducts the premium course through live classes and live support. So that a student can learn SEO in a perfect way by taking professional SEO training from our SEO training center.

Our aim to ensure 100% success through our Advance SEO Training Course in Bangladesh. We believe that everyone can earn a smart amount if he takes minimum SEO training from our institute.

At the end of the course, a student is given complete guidelines to earn online. We ensure all support from the beginning to success through the live project. Which is a little bit different than other SEO training providers.

At A Glance
Students Per Batch: 5 to 10.
Course Fee: 20,000 BDT.
Total Class: 50+
Duration: More Than 3 LIVE Classes in a Week.
Free Support: Life Time.
Earning: Guaranteed. 
Contact: +8801681905120.

How To Join Jobayer Academy Premium Course?

call jobayer academy

Please try to know about ourselves before joining our premium course from Google. At the same time reading our course outline will make it easier to get ideas about us. Check the below rules for joining our SEO Training In Bangladesh. It would be better if you watch our youtube video to get a concept of SEO. Please call us at +8801681905120 before joining.

Payment Method

payment method for SEO training in Bangladesh

We need full SEO training fee in advance. See the below payment method.

Dutch Bangla Bank
➤ Name: Jobayer Rahman
➤ A/C: 127 101 0052914
➤ Branch: Barisal

➤ Number: +8801716461953

➤ Number: +88017164619535

What You Need For This Training?

Educational qualifications are essential for doing premium courses at Jobayer Academy. English reading, writing, and understanding are preferable. If you have English skills then you can easily learn advanced SEO within a short time.

For your kind information, you may need investment to establish a website. Sometimes you need to hire an English expert. And he will assist you in understanding English in each of your every step.

Who should not participate in the training course?

For some reason, it would not be right to join the SEO course of Jobayer Academy. Although we have said several times that Search Engine Optimization is not a matter of emotion. It must be achieved. Must give time and labor. So we have to join the course by controlling our emotions and thinking and understanding. Below are some of the reasons you should join.

  1. If you do not have enough time.
  2. If you are too busy with any other course.
  3. If you do not have patience.
  4. If you want to earn very fast.
  5. You may not be able to attend classes on time.
  6. If you can’t submit homework timely.
  7. If you are not serious about learning.
  8. If you think about earning before you learn.

How We Take Our Class?

Basically, we select the students by checking. After selecting the students, we try to understand the concept of SEO. If he is a beginner-level student then we start lectures from basic SEO. After that, we keep stepping on to Advanced SEO training.

We provide live SEO training through Zoom. At the end of the class, we start a questions and answers session about the class. Special classes are taken after class for weaker students.

Starting from basic SEO, we gradually enter Advanced SEO. We have guidelines for everything from creating a site with WordPress CMS to ranking articles.

Course Module Of SEO Course In Bangladesh

Course Module

About 100+ SEO Video tutorials we will provide. You are able to learn basic SEO to advanced SEO from our SEO premium course. Also, you will be capable to operate free and premium SEO Tools, get Advanced Concepts on SEO, search console issue, Image optimization for SEO, Image Alt Optimization, and many more.

Section 01: Basic SEO

➤ What Is SEO?
➤ Why Is SEO Important?
➤ What Is a Search Engine?
➤ How does Search Engine work?
➤ How Long Does SEO Take?
➤ Machine Learning in Search Works
➤ Why Your Business Needs SEO?
➤ 100 Important SEO Glossary (Recorded)
➤ Tools to Help You
➤ Free Extension
➤ Planning For Your New Website

Section 02: Google Algorithm Updates

➤ MayDay Update.
➤ Panda Update.
➤ Freshness Update.
➤ Page Layout Update.
➤ Venice Update.
➤ Penguin Update.
➤ Exact Match Domain Update.
➤ Payday Loan Update.
➤ Hummingbird Update.
➤ Pigeon Update.
➤ Mobile-Friendly Update.
➤ Quality Update.
➤ RankBrain.
➤ Fred.
➤ Broad Core Algorithm Update.
➤ BERT Update.
➤ Featured Snippet Deduplication.

Section 03: Perfect Niche Analysis

➤ Types Of Niche.
➤ Picking A Niche.
➤ Get Niche Ideas.
➤ Niche Validation.

Section 04: Keyword Research

➤ What Is Keywords
➤ Types Of Keyword
➤ User Intent
➤ Best Keywords Ideas
➤ Keyword Research
➤ Check Competitors Authority
➤ Long and Short Tail Keywords Analysis.
➤ Keywords Planning and Grouping.
➤ Best ways to find Long Tail Keyword.
➤ Best Ways to find LSI Keyword.
➤ Best Ways to Find NLP words.

Section 05: Domain and Basic WordPress

➤ Key Factors To Buy A Domain.
➤ How To Buy A Domain.
➤ How To Buy Expired Domain.
➤ Buy Domain and Setup.
➤ Install WordPress.
➤ Required Plugin Install and Settings.
➤ WordPress Settings.
➤ Yoast Settings.
➤ Required Pages Creation.
➤ Make A Perfect Post.
➤ Post Decoration.

Section 06: Content Writing

➤ Importance Of Content
➤ Perfectly Optimized Content
➤ How To Write Azazon Affiliate Article.
➤ How To Write Info Article.

Section 07: On-Page Optimization

➤ Definition of On-Page Optimization
➤ On-Page SEO Factors
➤ E-A-T And YMYL
➤ Url Optimization.
➤ Title Tag Optimization and Guideline
➤ Header Tags Optimization
➤ Image Optimization
➤ Dofollow and Nofollow
➤ Internal and External Linking.
➤ Keywords Placement.
➤ Pyramid Content Structure
➤ Use Of LSI Keywords
➤ NLP (Entities, Sentiment, Syntex, and Categories)
➤ Synonyms.
➤ Meta Description Optimization
➤ Writing Tips Which Is SEO Friendly
➤ Navigation.
➤ Keyword Cannibalization.
➤ Optimize For Mobile
➤ Voice Search.

Section 08: A Complete Guide Of Link Building

➤ Importance Of Link building
➤ What Is a Natural Link?
➤ Social Signals
➤ Free Methods Of Link building.
➤ Wiki Link.
➤ Quora
➤ Reddit Marketing
➤ Pinterest Marketing.
➤ Instagram Marketing.
➤ Linkedin Marketing
➤ Twitter Marketing

Section 09: Advanced Technical SEO

➤ What Is Technical SEO and Necessity
➤ How To Find Best Hosting
➤ XML Site Map
➤ Robots and Robots.txt
➤ Reasons Of Losing Indexed Pages
➤ HTTP Status Codes
➤ 404 Errors
➤ Crawl Budget Optimization
➤ Navigation
➤ Pagination
➤ Mobile First Index
➤ Mastering Duplicate Content Issue
➤ Redirects
➤ Schema Markup
➤ Faceted Navigation
➤ URL Parameter Handling
➤ How To Make Website Fast

Section 10: SEO Audit

➤ Social Media Audit Spreadsheet
➤ Technical SEO Audit Checklist
➤ Simple Site Audit
➤ Local Business Competitive Audit
➤ Content Audit Template (Ahrefs)
➤ Local SEO Checklist
➤ SEO Audit Checklist
➤ Content Audit

Section 11: Local SEO (Recorded)

➤ What Is Local SEO and Importance
➤ Local SEO Ranking Signal.
➤ How to Find More Local Link Opportunities.
➤ NAP & User Experience.
➤ How to Get the Right Reviews.
➤ Optimize Your Google My Business.
➤ Local SEO Management Tools.
➤ Google Map Submission.
➤ Google Map Citation.
➤ Map Direction.
➤ How To Make Money With Local SEO.

Section 12: Make Money Online

➤ Adsense Marketing
➤ Affiliate Marketing
➤ Local SEO

Who Can Join This SEO Training?

Since we take live classes and are responsible for all students, our course fees are a bit higher. But we think this advanced SEO course is not for everyone. Basically –

  1. For those who know basic SEO, this course will be of great help to us.
  2. Those who are financially supportive can do this course.
  3. This course will be useful for those who have a good idea about computers and online.
  4. Those who have good patience to learn can basically join our course.
  5. In addition to free SEO tools, those who can buy paid SEO tools.
  6. Those who can invest to earn will be ahead of everyone.

Why our SEO Training is best?

If you have seen the traditional SEO Training In Bangladesh, then you must know that all SEO courses have recorded videos. Where no institution takes responsibility for their students. However, Jobayer Academy takes responsibility for all students. All the details from Basic to Advance are discussed with the students. There is even a detailed discussion of what has changed in the Google algorithm in the last 10 years. So that a student’s learning takes perfection. The specialty of our course is given below-

  • Live class
  • The Google algorithm is discussed in detail.
  • SEO Glossary is discussed in detail.
  • Special attention to SEO audit.
  • We Take All responsibility for Students.
  • Earnings are guaranteed.

Why You Should Take SEO Training In Bangladesh

With the development of information technology in Bangladesh, people are now becoming dependent online. Entertainment, shopping, and even business are now online. In developed countries, people have become online-dependent long ago. The people of Bangladesh are also on the path of becoming more online dependent. We think that online dependency will increase in the near future.

Online is a platform where people can involve with business not only at home but also abroad. There are many reputed companies in Bangladesh who are making a lot of money by doing business online. And everything happens through digital marketing.

We call SEO is a marketing policy. In other words, SEO is one of the cheap marketing strategies to connect with the buyer by using only search engines. So there is no alternative to take SEO Training In Bangladesh.

The role of SEO in eliminating unemployment is infinite. SEO is the key to earning money through eCommerce business, freelancing, affiliate marketing, lead generation, etc.

Employment in Bangladesh is not increasing with the increase of unemployment in Bangladesh. Only an SEO expert can create his own employment.

So I will say, do an SEO course from Jobayer Academy in Bangladesh today to establish your career. We are the only organization that can ensure your earnings online.

Why join Our SEO Course?

Conventional premium-level courses in Bangladesh are free from liability because they are sharing record classes. But whether a student has learned or not is not traced. Jobayer academy has taken a slightly different step to get out of this thinking. And that is, everything is shown in the live class along with recorded videos. 

Above all, until a site is ranked, all the details will be suggested to you. It is the first time in Bangladesh you can say.

Why This Online SEO Training in Bangladesh?

We all know that there are many SEO experts in Bangladesh who are providing Search Engine Optimization training in Bangladesh. Which we call a part of Digital Marketing. We are no exception. We believe that if you take admission in our Advanced SEO Training in Bangladesh, you can learn a part of Digital Marketing Marketing in the right way. In addition, through this SEO Training Center, you will be able to work on On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Social Media Marketing, different SEO techniques, and Marketplaces.

We know that there are more than a thousand search engines online, among them Popular Search Engines are Google, Bing, etc. We basically develop a student through our Advanced SEO Training in such a way that it can easily bring traffic from Google or Search Engine through Organic Searches.

The more traffic you can bring online, the more sales your product will have. That’s why we conduct SEO courses in Bangladesh through live classes in the Jobayer Academy SEO training center. So that a student can be supported by earning online.

What Will You Learn in The SEO Training Course?

SEO training is not simply training. Once learned, there is no need to learn forever. If you want to be an SEO expert in Bangladesh, you must go through lifelong research. Competitors need to understand. You have to find out their strategy. Here are the things you need to know to become an SEO expert:

  • The structure of the pyramid site.
  • Site customization.
  • Google algorithm.
  • Niche Research.
  • Keyword research.
  • On-page optimization.
  • Title tag optimization.
  • URL optimization.
  • Headers optimization.
  • Image optimization.
  • Internal and external linking.
  • Meta tag optimization.
  • Voice search optimization.
  • Technical SEO.
  • Offpage optimization.
  • Guest Blogging Strategy.
  • Broken link building.
  • Site audit.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Others

What is the Practical SEO Course?

We believe that tutorials on any topic are currently available online or on youtube. Some people learn quickly by watching those SEO Bangla tutorials while others watch and try to learn but do not take any further steps. The main thing is theory and practical. For example, it is possible to learn how to swim by reading a swimming book, but there is no reason to think that you can learn to swim just by reading a book.

Anyway, the Jobayer Academy SEO training center is a place where we try to show everything practically through live classes. We provide Basic to Advanced SEO LIVE CLASS. Such as,

  • What is SEO?
  • How to create a website?
  • Keyword research?
  • Website plan?
  • How to write an article?
  • On-page SEO?
  • What is off-page SEO?
  • How does the site rank?

All these things are shown. It is the SEO pro batch. If you want to learn Advance SEO then you can join our Premium course.

Student Reviews On Our SEO Training

Before joining our Advanced SEO course in Bangladesh we always recommend checking our course review. Just go to Google and search using “Jobayer Academy”. On the right side, you can see a box with student reviews. Read all reviews carefully.

Tanvir Islam
Salma Akter
Nazmul Hossain Rahat
Tanvir Hasan

So get admitted to our SEO Premium course of Jobayer Academy today without any delay. At the same time contribute to the development of the country and the nation by earning online. We guarantee earnings in Bangladesh by providing proper guidelines and SEO Training In Bangladesh.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

faq of seo course in bangladesh

Question: What Is The Course Duration?

Answer: It depends on your ability. We will provide your live lecture and try to make you understand everything. If you need an extra class we will provide you. So course duration is not fixed like the traditional course. Generally, we try to take responsibility for a Student.

Question: Can I Pay Your Course Fee with Installment?

Answer: We are sorry regarding this issue. You need to pay full in advance.

Question: Why Your Course Fee Is Higher Than Others?

Answer: Because we provide live class and take all responsibilities until success. It is totally different than others.

Question: Is this Premium Training Course Contains only Videos?

Answer: We conduct our SEO training through the live class. If required we provide a video tutorial.

Question: Why should you do SEO Training?

Answer: We established ourselves.

Question: What Is The Difference Between Digital Marketing and SEO?

Answer: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is the Part of Digital Marketing. In our country, we emphasize Social media marketing. After that we focus on other analyses.

Question: Is It Possible To Earn After Completing Your Course?

Answer: Yes! It is guaranteed.

Question: What Is Your Focus Point?

Answer: We generally focus on SEO. If you can learn how to rank on Google then you can do everything. Such as Affiliate marketing, Adsense Marketing, Local SEO, Get Jobs in the Market place, and many more.

Question: I Am Beginner, Is It Possible to Join Your Advanced SEO Course?

Answer: Sure! We are teaching basic to advanced SEO In Bangladesh.