Ready Website For Sale

We are offering here a Ready Website For Sale. Many people are looking to buy ready-made websites in different places. One of the branches of the business line at Jobayer Academy is to sell quality ready-made websites at low prices. Anyone can buy a pre-order-based or ready web site from us. These sites are usually very low competition, so it will be possible to rank quickly on Google through some simple off-page SEO. Detailed quotations are discussed below.

Ready Website For Sale

We have two packages. One is Amazon affiliate targeted, and the other is AdSense targeted website. Our ready made website price is 1,00000 BDT (One Lakh Taka Only). We also create websites according to your niche or demand. The two packages are given below.

  1. Package 1: Adsense Targeted Website
  2. Package 2: Amazon Affiliate Targeted Website
Package 1 Includes
Keyword Research.
Website Planning and SILO.
On-Page Optimization.
Skilled Article.
Total Info Article 50.
Total Words 60,000+
Premium Images.
Premium Logo.
CMS: WordPress.
Domain+cPanel Full Access.
Delivery: 3 Months.
Package 2 Includes
Keyword Research.
Website Planning and SILO.
On-Page Optimization.
Skilled Article.
Total Article (10+30).
Total Words (30K+30K)
Premium Images.
Premium Logo.
CMS: WordPress.
Domain+cPanel Full Access.
Delivery: 3 Months.

Advantage Of Taking Ready Website From Us

There are several benefits to purchasing a ready-made website from our organization. And there is a lot of demand for these websites as it is possible to earn in a very short time. In a word, your niche and our hard work. Below are the reasons to buy a ready website from us.

  1. You can easily make the site of your choice without any hassle.
  2. Each keyword is selected by keyword research.
  3. We are optimistic that each keyword will rank without or few backlinks.
  4. A WordPress site is customized with a premium logo, favicon.
  5. Premium articles are written by expert article writers.
  6. Articles are carefully published by optimizing on-page.
  7. We are conscious of internal, external linking, and silo.
  8. You can easily get AdSense approval because of having premium articles.
  9. Money articles will rank very easily.
  10. You can earn at home in a very short time from our ready site.
  11. We will provide proper guidelines for site management.

How do you Buy a Website Ready?

You already know the price of each of our websites. You can order from us if you like our product. You must follow the rules below to order.

  • 50% of the payment has to be paid in advance.
  • Let us know a niche of your choice.
  • You have to give a description of what kind of site you like and your purposes.
  • You have to wait for 2 to 3 months for the site to be fully ready.
  • The remaining 50% payment has to be paid before taking delivery of the site.
If you do not like the site for any reason or have a complaint within 3 months, there will be a money-back guarantee. In that case, 20% of the total payment will be deducted as our Remuneration.

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What is a Ready-made Website?

Ready made websites for sale mean here, we will create a niche website for you. In other words, we will provide everything as per your niche from the design to the content of your website. The main advantage here is that we will solve all your complications. You will only take delivery of your site after a period of time. Usually, we take 3-4 months to hand over a site. At this time we will be writing quality articles based on standard keywords research by skilled writers. After writing, we publish the article with premium quality images remembering on-page SEO checkpoints. We believe that these sites will easily rank in Google. However, some articles may have to do the backlink. Although we will teach you all the things.

Why Need to Buy Ready Website

People are getting busier day by day. And to make a web site in this busyness, first of all, you need complete education. For example- creating a website, customizing it, writing an article, on-page, etc thousands of such tricks. Which is difficult for many people at present. Everyone wants a ready website to buy with which it is very easy to earn.

We take care of all the hassles of the customers and create the website very carefully. All of these sites rank very easily due to the right on-page and keyword research. At the same time, we provide proper SEO guidelines for every customer to manage the website. These guidelines can easily rank a website.

Things to Know Before buying a web site

Before buying a website, you must have to check carefully. And if you don’t verify it properly, you are sure to get cheated. So let’s find out what are the important things to know before buying a ready web site.


First, you need to check the decoration of the site. There are words
‘First check the outlook, then the judge quality. If a website is not nice to look at, there is no interest in working there. So look around the site before buying a site.

Niche of Choice

We think niche selection is the hardest job in the world. Because if a niche is not your choice, then it is not possible to go too far. So before buying a website, you must know about its niche. Also, consider whether that niche is on your list of favorites.

User Friendly

Try visiting the website to find out if it is user-friendly. In other words, try to understand whether a user able to find the article or information easily.

Site Content

It is very important to check the content of the site. Try to understand whether the article is a copy or a spin. Moreover, it is possible to confirm this by using premium tools such as Copyscape.

Ideas About Industry

Buying a website can be a bad decision for you if you don’t have the right idea about the industry or niche. As you search online, you need to understand how far you can go in that industry. If the industry is small then your work will stop for a while i.e. there will be no more opportunity to give new information. And if you think it is possible to give a lot of information about this, then you can buy that website.

Domain Hosting

Domain hosting plays a very important role in ranking a site. So before buying a website, check the domain host of that site. Check the speed of the site from Gtmetrix. And it is important to make sure that the domain is a simple and short URL.

Control Emotions

A website is not a matter of emotion. According to Jobayer Academy, “a website is like a bank’s DPS”. As the day goes on, its value will be increasing. So you have to control your emotions and make decisions.

In the end, Jobayer Academy guarantees all of the above points. All our ready web sites are made by an experienced person. We hope that this will ensure your earnings very easily.