SEO Pro Course By Jobayer Academy

Assalamu Alaikum. I hope everybody is well. I am also quite well by the grace of Allah. Today we will talk about Jobayer Academy SEO Pro Course. The question arises in the minds of many, what is this pro batch? Why we need to wait for three to four hours to take an interview. What’s the matter?

At A Glance
Total Students: 50+
Joining Fee: 3000 (For 3rd Batch)
Total Class: 20+ (30+ Topics)
Duration: 3 Class in a Week (1.5-3 Hours).
Class Time: 11:00 PM
Condition: Check Below.
Batch Start: Follow Our Facebook Group.
To Join 3rd Interview
Date: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2020 (Any).
Time: 10:00 PM
Zoom ID: 234 070 5636
Passcode: 123456

NB: Only you can participate in Zoom on the scheduled date.

What is Jobayer Academy SEO Pro Course?

We believe that tutorials on any topic are currently available online. Some people learn quickly by watching those tutorials while others watch and try to learn but do not take any further steps. The main thing is theory and practical. For example, it is possible to learn how to swim by reading a swimming book, but there is no reason to think that you can learn to swim just by reading a book.

If one wants to learn to swim, he must first understand the technique. After that, he has to go to the water. He has to try to swim in the water. After drinking water for a few days, after practicing, you will probably learn how to swim.

Now you have learned to swim, can you take part in a swimming competition if you want? Certainly not, in our opinion. It will require practice, mindfulness, and various strategies. If you are taking part in a swimming competition for the first time, you will have to face a variety of experiences. Ever see your competitor ahead of you. Someone pulled you. Someone kick you—such various experiences.

Let’s say you took part in a swimming competition for the second time. The first competition experiences will come to your mind then. So with a pre-preparation, you can take action if anyone tries to pull you.

Speaking of work, Pro Batch is a place where practical work is done. Everything starts from the beginning. What is SEO? How to create a site? How to do practical keyword research? How does the site plan? How to write an article? How to do on-page SEO? How does it off-page? How does the site rank? All these things are shown in pen in hand. It is the pro batch.


Why join Pro Batch?

Conventional premium-level courses in Bangladesh are free from liability by screen recording. But whether a student has learned or not is not traced. And all those courses are also quite expensive. Jobayer academy has taken a slightly different step to get out of this thinking. And that is, everything is shown in the live class. And the cost of Pro Batch is equal to the value of a student’s monthly tea. At the same time, each student is taken to find out differently. Sometimes even after the pro class, the topics are explained live in small groups. Above all, until a site is ranked, all the details are suggested. It is the first time in Bangladesh you can say.

What’s in the Pro Batch?

We finish the pro batch with more than 30 live classes. There are various basics, including SEO Basic, Keyword Research, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Article Writing, Site Planning, Competitor Analysis. Even a new student can learn SEO very quickly. New batches are introduced every month and a half.

Course Module
  • Topic 01: Introduction
  • Topic 02: Basic SEO
  • Topic 03: SEO Terms
  • Topic 04: About Website
  • Topic 05: Elements Of a Website
  • Topic 06: Quality Backlink
  • Topic 07: On-page SEO Check Points
  • Topic 08: Niche Ideas
  • Topic 09: Concept About Keywords
  • Topic 10: Keywords Listing
  • Topic 11: Keyword Research
  • Topic 12: Website Planning
  • Topic 13: Domain Factors
  • Topic 14: WordPress Site Setup
  • Topic 15: Basic WordPress
  • Topic 16: Ranking Factors
  • Topic 17: Content Structure
  • Topic 18: Published a Content
  • Topic 19: Social Media Marketing
  • Topic 20: Google Analytics and Search Console Setup
  • Topic 21: Link Building
  • Topic 22: Create Backlink
  • Topic 23: Buy Backlink
  • Topic 24: Earn Backlink
  • Topic 25: YouTube SEO
  • Topic 26: Ecommerce Site SEO Checklist
  • Topic 27: Technical SEO Checkpoint
  • Topic 28: Local SEO
  • Topic 29: SEO Audit
  • Topic 30: Content Monitoring

Conditions for joining the Pro Batch

  • You have to take part in the live interview through Zoom.
  • Your educational qualifications must be good.
  • Must be proficient in English.
  • Must be interested in buying domain host, paid tools.
  • Every class must have to attend.
  • Must submit homework on time.
  • You have to have the patience to work for 6 to 12 months.
  • The minimum joining fee (2-5 thousand) has to be paid.

Only when the above issues match, we select a student in our pro batch. However, the worst part is that if you miss two classes and do not submit your homework on time, you will not be allowed to join the next lesson. In that case, the student has to join the next batch, subject to the conditions of that batch.

So, Pro Batch is not something like that. No one is called here; you can earn thousands of dollars a month. You can work on Fiverr, Upwork. Here only SEO learning is guaranteed—guides on how to rank a site. And when you can rank a site, you can join any platform to earn in the future. We believe that if you can get the proper guidelines and learn the right thing, you will no longer have to run toward work, but work will run toward you.