About Jobayer Rahman

Hi, this is Jobayer Rahman professional SEO Expert In Bangladesh as well as the founder of Jobayer Academy. I have completed graduation from Daffodil International University in Textile Engineering. I am From Barisal In Bangladesh. Now I am Living In Dhaka City with My Family and Doing a Job In A Multinational Company as well as a Professional SEO trainer in Bangladesh. 

Jobayer Rahman
Full Name: Jobayer Rahman.
Education: BSc In Textile Engineering.
Born: 16th December 1985.
Height: 5’9″
Home Town: Barisal.
Living Town: Dhaka.
Hobby: Teaching, Gardening.
Status: Married with two kids.
YouTube: Jobayer Academy
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Career: 10 years+ experience in SEO.
Website: jobayeracademy.com

After completing my SSC exam in 2002 I started my Online Career. Initially, I tried to learn website Design and Development. I worked with this topic until 2007 and completing a lot of projects. At that time, I changed my tract because I was very interested in SEO. Finally, I completed many projects with different buyers. 

After 2007 I started my own project, that was the website. At that time I could successfully rank on Google for my website. Basically, I feel more interested in Even Blogging. After a certain period, I became an SEO Expert In Bangladesh.

In the year 2017, I created a Youtube Channel named Jobayer Academy. Primarily, I uploaded typing related tutorials and later SEO tutorial. Within a short time, I got a huge response from this Youtube channel.

Now I am handling three types of training,

  1. Free Training through Youtube channel.
  2. Live Pro Course.
  3. And Premium Course.

What Is an SEO Expert In Bangladesh?

An SEO Expert in Bangladesh is also called SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant who focuses on positioning in search engines. Analyzing the web pages and strategies to determine what are the changes and measures improvement. And obtain a greater volume of traffic through visits from the SERPs of search engines such as Google.

Launching initiatives in SEO requires working in the magnitude of areas, so it forces the expert to know and master the most different and varied subjects. It is necessary to have notions of programming, design, advertising, and marketing to develop SEO strategies of this type and, above all, carry them out effectively and productively.

With the importance of user traffic based on what online search engines dictate, the SEO Expert plays a significant role. Without it and the positioning initiatives, it would be practically impossible to obtain a good flow of visits and grow in the digital field. Today’s public uses search engines regularly to consult anything on the Internet; Thus, getting the best position is key to evolve and improve business profitability.

Independent or as part of a marketing agency, this professional is currently the most demanded and the most effective to improve the visibility and presence of any company on the network.

What is an SEO Expert for?

An SEO Expert serves to grow through positioning in the main search engines. It can improve the design of a website, polishing its contents, and carrying out initiatives that spread the image of a business through its page and its presence on the web.

Thus, this professional not only improves traffic but also capable of creating many more leads for a brand, and therefore customers, as well as making it more and more recognized thanks to its strong presence.

Business Line of Jobayer Rahman

Ready Website

The good news for you is that Jobayer Academy provides a ready web site as per customer demands. Where keyword research, site planning, and premium quality articles are given. And for this, there is a skilled technical team in Jobayer Academy. These sites are targeted by AdSense or Amazon affiliates. See details Click Here.

Premium Course

Jobayer Academy offers premium SEO courses that are conducted through live classes with a small number of students. There are 2 to 5 students in each batch. You can do this course individually if you want. The premium course includes advanced live classes from beginners. The course is conducted through more than 50 live classes. A student’s SEO learning is perfected from this premium course. Jobayer Academy is the only one in Bangladesh that guarantees 100% success.

Pro Crouse

The SEO Pro course is the most popular course at Jobayer Academy. The specialty of this course is that the course fee is completely free but only the joining fee has to be paid. Around 50 students are selected for this course through interviews. From the beginning to the ranking of a website, all the details are shown through live classes. Which plays a very important role in building a student’s online career.


Become an SEO Expert In Bangladesh; you must have to work hard. It is not possible overnight. If you can gather analyzing power in the SEO field, complete a lot of projects, then you can say you are an SEO expert. Just invest your time and effort to reach your goal.

In the end, never run after earnings; just run after learning; if you can learn, then earnings will run following you.