SEO Free Tutorial

Jobayer Academy has been publishing free tutorials on YouTube Channel since 2017. Jobayer Academy YouTube channel has over 80 tutorials from SEO Basics to Advances. Besides, new SEO update tutorials are published every week. There is also a question and answer session, where anyone can ask all the problems related to SEO. And all those questions are posted in the form of videos on the YouTube channel.

In addition to the Premium courses at Jobayer Academy, this free SEO course supports all students.

We have an active Facebook group to support all students of Jobayer Academy. And anyone in this group can post all the questions to the group independently. However, if you want to join our Facebook group, you have to follow some rules and regulations. Besides being regularly active, you have to provide your phone number and email address when joining, which is kept entirely confidential.

So everyone is invited to watch Jobayer Academy Free SEO Tutorial. Hopefully, this SEO free course will complement everyone’s learning

SEO in Bangla Full Tutorial Course Outline