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We offer SEO Optimized Content Writing Services

It is important to follow a series of rules to introduce content articles, such as respecting the length of the title and description, optimizing tags and keywords, structuring the information with headings, using bold, italics and underlines, etc.

What do we mean by quality content?

The quality of your content not only plays an essential role in the relevance of your site to search engines but also in the expectations of Internet users.

Quality content is defined primarily by two points:

Unique and original content

The content on your site must be 100% unique. In other words, you need to be guaranteed that they are 100% original.

However, original content doesn’t mean you can’t pick up on topics from the website. You can tackle a subject that has already been relayed dozens of times on the web, but always do it from a new point of view.

For example, present a piece of news, event, or topic that you want to talk about from a new perspective, with further analysis or by giving your opinion. Bring your added value, your personal touch that will make your content useful and unique. You can also update any of your old posts by adding new items to it.

By unique content, we mean no duplication of material. Copy and paste, even partial, is, therefore, to be avoided since plagiarism is detected by Google’s indexing robots and heavily sanctioned. If you want to be sure of the originality of a text, you can use tools like 1text to identify the origins of a text and therefore possible plagiarism.

Relevant content

Of course, the content of your site must be optimized for SEO, but it must also be created FOR Internet users.

When writing, keep in mind that a visitor and therefore, a potential customer will read you. He must quickly understand the message you want to convey.

Whether it’s a blog post, the presentation of your industry, your core business, or the description of a product, the explanations must be clear, even for non-experts. Relevant content is all about giving the right information to users.

Why Quality Content Writing Services is Important?

Quality web content on your site increases your chances of:

  • Gain new readers (therefore potential customers)
  • Increase your positions on your key and strategic expressions
  • Retain your visitors
  • Add significant added value to your site
  • Stand out from the competition

Keep in mind that Google’s core business is above all to offer the best of the web to its Internet users.

How to create quality SEO content?

Web Alliance gives you the answers to this crucial question.

  • Step 1: Depending on my industry and my offer, I spot trends in my sector

Use monitoring and research tools in particular to select several types of subjects: the must-haves, current trending topics. What is working at the moment? What do Internet users want to read? What interests them?

  • Step 2: I stimulate my imagination, and I dare

Get off the beaten track and the traditional. Offer innovative content in terms of form, angle of treatment of the subject, visual, interpretation, or even tone.

  • Step 3: I optimize my content the right way

For your content to work, it must not only be of quality. It must also be well optimized: primary expression, bold, encourage sharing. Pay special attention to each element.

  • Step 4: I analyze the impact

Measure the impact generated by your content. For example, have you received more phone calls after new content was uploaded? Have you noticed an increasing number of contacts via the form on your site? Or maybe more comments from visitors or customers than usual?

Best practices for useful content for your SEO

Now that you know how to create great content let’s go over the essential best practices to adopt when creating it.

Practice writing often

It is well known, “it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith”. The more you write, the more comfortable you will be with this exercise, and the faster you will become. Little by little, you will find your writing style and your rhythm.

Try to give yourself a posted pace and stick to it. You don’t have to post new content every day, but feeding your site regularly with new and fresh content will only get you positive. You show Google that your website is continuously evolving and you boost Internet user visits.

Writing new content takes time, you will say. The trick is, therefore, to prioritize the essential pages to work in content. Don’t be discouraged and stick to your broadcast schedule.

For example, go through all the main categories on your site and take stock. Take back your old texts, bring in new elements, etc. By following this rhythm, you will easily be able to update a text of main categories per week, for example.

The product sheet

Writing a product sheet is not a prominent practice. Here are a few tips that might help you with this exercise.

Tip # 1: Don’t describe your product photo. The user sees the picture, so you do not need to transcribe these elements.

Tip # 2: Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer. When you write your product sheet, slip into the sneakers of a Lamba and neophyte user. Each element must constitute useful information for the Internet user.

Tip # 3: You are the professional. In your product sheet, do not hesitate to give “the professional’s opinion”, “the expert’s point of view”. Please explain why you like a product, what are its strengths.

Write structured texts with catchy titles

As if you were writing an essay, it is advisable to structure your content using the main headings (H1), subheadings (H2), and paragraphs. In addition to being visually clean, this method allows a potential customer to immediately understand your ideas and the main points of your content.

Find the balance level optimization

Stop preconceived ideas; there is no such thing as “perfect keyword density”. In other words, there is no need to repeat your keywords 30 times in your text to optimize it. This type of practice is not only sanctioned by Google but also wrongly perceived by an Internet user when reading. Favor great content over relevant information.

Respect your editorial line

Do not disperse yourself by trying to write topics that are too far removed from your industry or core business. Be faithful to your editorial line to stay consistent.

Select relevant images and optimize them

It is essential to choose the images for your site carefully. Pay attention to the quality of the visual, to consistency with your industry and, if you pick them up on the web, check that they are copyright free.

To optimize your images and improve SEO, try to work on a few criteria, such as the ALT tag, the Title tag, the name of your file, and the caption of your photo.

The Web Alliance trick: internal networking

It is useful to set up an internal network on your site. It is a link that links the two pages of the same location together.

Let see the example: Page A of the site links to page B of the same website.

This type of mesh can, in particular, be practical for the user experience by making navigation inside the site more fluid. It is also useful for your SEO.

If you have a blog, for example, and you mention one of your products in an article, do not hesitate to link to the product in question in your essay.

Warning: if this product is no longer available on your X site afterward, remember to update your link in the article.

As you have seen, the importance of quality content for your site no longer needs to be demonstrated. Attractive to the reader, positive in the eyes of Google. More than ever, “Content is king”.